Car rental market grew by 15%

Real car rental Ukraine began to actively grow. “According to our estimates, the market shows a growth of 15-20% annually. This is due primarily to the development of transport infrastructure and a corresponding increase in passenger traffic in the country “, – says the head of the Association of Car Rental companies in Ukraine Stanislav Lutskovych. To date, the rental market is estimated at two thousand. Cars. The Association noted that the market leaders are those companies that are timely rejuvenate its fleet, that is the age of their cars less than 3 years. So, is the leading company Sixt, which consists of a fleet of 600 vehicles. After it goes Avis and Budget of 320 and 200 cars respectively. The fourth and fifth place is occupied by BLS (in its fleet of 100 cars) and Hertz (70 cars). Thus to meet the growing demand in the next 5 years, the company needed to increase its fleet of at least 2 times. The main trend in recent years is the growing number of customers in the local car rental companies such as BLS and Race. This is due to the fact that the level of services provided by Ukrainian companies are not inferior to the international to the same prices for the same class of cars in the national operators mostly lower. “Service of local companies is not inferior to international service, and prices are often lower by 20-30%. In addition, Ukrainian companies offer customers many shares. In addition, foreign companies about 70-90% of the cars have already reserved their multinational clients, as in the West car hire are common. This means that local companies the choice of car can be great, even if their fleet is smaller than Western competitors, “- said the manager of the rental company BLS Andrey Ivanov. Although there is a perception among Ukrainian that they can not afford to rent a car because of their high cost, these statistics refute prejudice. Thus, according to the Association, about 70% of car rental customers – citizens of Ukraine. Average minimum daily cost of renting a car is 200 USD. So, rent a car for a week would cost 1.4 thousand. USD. “Do not forget about the existence of special offers, seasonal discounts and weekend rates, using which the client can also reduce the cost of renting a car,” – said Lutskovych. In addition, companies are trying to diversify their service portfolios. Thus, the package of services “leader” – the company Sixt – rental car (from luxury cars to minibuses) with the driver. If you rent cars Skoda Octavia and Toyota Avensis with the driver, it will cost € 20 per hour (in Kyiv), the city will be charging 50 euros. Among Budget report that basically bought a car with driver company. “50% of our customers bought vehicles to service the business activities and the other half – for traveling to relatives or vacations in the country. Thus, 90% rented cars traveling between cities, “- said senior specialist car rental company Budget Yaroslav Voloshin. Most rental cars are economy class, although in severe weather conditions such as winter, great demand for SUVs.

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