Car rental market is growing

Car hire services is becoming more and more popular in Odessa. Moreover, it is more popular in the summer, that is, with the beginning of the holiday season and the arrival of tourists. But, experts say, often renting a car are not private individuals and companies, of which 60 percent – domestic consumers of services, 40% – foreign. However, experts find it difficult to talk about the dynamics of this market segment. Although compared with the previous year, the number of leased vehicles in the current year increased by about 10%. However, Odessa people themselves are still reluctant to take the cars for rent for several reasons. If the car rental services for foreigners accustomed, the inhabitants of the city belong to this service with disbelief. The second reason, pent-up demand for this service, the high cost. So, a day for the rental vehicle in zachisimosti on its class will have to pay 30-to-350 and conventional units. Another important factor – the rental companies only work with non-cash payments, as too high a risk of loss of vehicle. In this case the customer on the account must be the amount corresponding to the payment for the entire rental period, plus deposit. One recent example, which told the Odessa law enforcement. Young man having caught a rental car immediately sold it for 50 thousand hryvnia, and the money spent. And despite the fact that the police managed to detain him, the damage had not refunded. However, despite all the adverse factors, experts estimate this market segment autoservices optimistic growth albeit small, but there is.

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