Ukrainians “tasted” for rent

The market is constantly growing, but people are still afraid of taking a car. The number of Ukrainians who took a car, has increased significantly. So, in 2012, 6.2 thousand were made. Car rental contracts, which is 24% more than in 2011, writes “Business”. Growth continued this year. So, in I quarter of 2013, growth in rental cars was 35% compared to the same period of 2011 (c compare the results of I quarter of 2012 is incorrect because of an increased demand due to the Euro-2012. – Ed.). “The share of Ukrainians, renting cars, – said the director of the Department of hire cars and Regional Development« Avis Ukraine “Andrew Bovenko. – Even in 2011, the ratio between the share of foreigners, rent a car in Ukraine and Ukrainians were roughly equal, 50% to 50%. In the current year, you can see a positive trend – Ukrainians began to rent cars often foreigners. Now we can speak of a distribution of 60% to 40%. “However, Ukrainians are still reluctant to take the cars for rent for several reasons. “If the foreigners who come to Ukraine, the market rental familiar and understandable, the Ukrainians belong to this service with disbelief. So, they think that taking your car rental unprofitable and long, and it inhibits the development of the internal market rental “- says CEO« Avis Ukraine “Heim Kopelnikov.

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