The first case of car rental for a fee is dated 1916 year, when Joe Saunders, owner of a small auto repair shop in Nebraska (USA), handed over in rental one of his available cars "Ford T" previously having fixed the run counter at a front left wheel. In 1925, he already owned 25 stations of rent in various states.


Penny wise and pound foolish. Let’s take, for example, comprehensive insurance. There are offers on 3,5-4,5 % in the market. But at such price the franchise (part of losses that the driver has to cover by himself at the accident), as a rule, amounts up to 3 % of the insured sum.


At financial leasing, you pay only the first advance payment and payments specified in the contract. This allows you to calculate all the costs most accurately and expediency of the planned acquisitions. Besides, receiving object in financial leasing you increase the relevant group of fixed assets. Thus, the charged depreciation reduces income tax.

Заказ обратного звонка