In the capital, a surge of hijackings

From January to April in the capital, kidnapped 501 machine. In comparison, for the whole of last year was 499 such thefts. Managed to find a little – only 147. According to the deputy head of the Main Investigation Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs Igor Tsyuprika, most criminals are operating code-Graber – a device that records the signal from the alarm system. As a result, the car can be accessed freely. Most cars stolen in the capital, distilled in Odessa, where in underground garages or understand, or are interrupted number of units, repainted body, and stolen cars are sold for 70% of the real cost of car markets. To protect cars from arson or kidnapping, experts advise to put it on a guarded parking lot or in the garage. “No way, do not leave in the car documents, money and valuables, and leaving the car, do not forget to lock it and put on the alarm” – advises the chief of the Metropolitan Traffic Police Anatoly Kurennoj. Normal alarm, however, theft will not save. “Now, as soon as the mass-produce alarm immediately to them appear skeleton key, so it’s best to put the car keys hidden, which in the case of not including shut off the engine, and the thief can not simply go by car” – advises the Head of autotechnical examination and assessment MIA activity center in Kyiv region Sergey Forotinsky. Insurers are advised to still conclude contracts Hull, where spelled string of theft. According to the materials News .

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